Bin Hayez, one of the pioneering brands in perfumes industry in the Middle East, recently launched its latest version of luxury perfumes in the name of ALSAROUQ that extended from the stone and bronze ages and proved the iron sarouq beyond any doubt that the Emirate of Dubai was playing a leading and civilized role four thousand years ago as it is Nowadays, this emirate had a prominent and advanced position among ancient civilizations. The idea of Al-Sarouq was inspired by the rich and traditional aromatic traditions of the United Arab Emirates. This perfume evokes the timeless city and its spurting energy. The new collection comes for unisex in the collection of a unified house that was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. May God prolong his life, which includes the seven Emirates in one house and was completed ,The idea of perfumes is inspired by it in line with the seven emirates of the country,

أطلقت، بـن حـايـز  إحـدى العـلامـات الـرائـدة فـي صناعـة العطور في الشرق الأوسط، مؤخراً أحدث إصداراتها من العطور الفاخرة باسم الساروق الممتد من العصر الحجري والعصر البرونزي و أثبت ساروق الحديد بما لا يقبل الشك أن إمارة دبي كانت تلعب دورا رياديا وحضارياً قبل أربعة آالف عام مضت كما هي في وقتنا الحاضر. وكانت لهذه الإمارة مكانة مرموقة ومتقدمة ما بين الحضارات القديمةواستلهمت فكرة الساروق من التقاليد العطرية الثرية والتراثية لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ويستحضر هذا العطر المدينة الخالدة وطاقتها الدفاقة المنبثقة وتأتي التشكيلة الجديدة للجنسين في مجموعة البيت متوحد التي أطلق فكرتها سمو الشيخ محمد بن زايد آل نهيان أطال الله في عمره والتي تضم الإمارات السبع في بيت واحد وتم استوحاء فكرة العطور منها تماشيا مع امارات الدولة السبعة 

Al-Sarouq perfume group offers a wide choices of unique products that meet the good taste of its esteemed customers and an ancient collection of luxury products in all its capabilities, however the pure fragrance with a local character warmly welcomes you in its journey to reach all that is new to enrich and revive a unique feeling on our customers With perfumes carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients.

Our goals

To become one of the leading companies in perfumery and retail sales

We create and design aromatic products with a funky feel and rare taste with the highest quality standards

We provide consumers with great value products

We are building a brand that is trusted by the customer

The products are presented in a luxurious manner, designed with privacy that gives a lasting impression to the customer

Ability to bring our products to global competition

Our vision

. Helping everyone find the perfect blend of fragrances
. To be leaders in luxury perfumes worldwide ​

Our message

We explore aromatic raw materials from their original sources, and create aromatic products that blend the luxury of East and West, with the highest standards of quality, in order to become your best choice during your journey in the search for luxury and excellence.

Our mission

We are At Bin Hayez Perfumes, we are not the only ones in this field, but we seek to be the best and establish a local company leading globally in the perfume industry and to develop our perfume products continuously and to be committed to listening and responding our customer’s needs. Our perfume idea is inspired by the rich history of Emirati heritage, while we are ready to create a wide range of products for use in perfume products and personal care. All manufacturing procedures are implemented at the highest level to ensure high quality.